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In line with the global competitive world in education, Maricaban Elementary School is the show window of Pasay City in terms of Academic and extra-curricular successful winning events.  As our school was established in 1994, the starting point wherein teachers linked with the community to produce well rounded learners with sound mind and body. Our teachers are highly dedicated and responsible in their work/ profession for the development of the learners’ full potential in the field of learning for them to become the asset of the nation. 

Decades-long since the school was established in 1994,their teaching force and faculty have been committed to mold and transform all learners into a more competent, responsive and productive individuals. To be able to achieve the ultimate goal, the entire machinery of MES is working together embedded with institutionalization of wide variety of teaching innovation vis-à-vis adoption and incorporation of best teaching and learning practices and experiences that will most likely contribute to the learning progress of every learner.

Likewise, MES strictly adheres to the DepEd implementing rules and regulations as well as school initiated guidelines and directives to ensure non-commission of child rights violation thereby establishing good rapport and working relationship between teachers and learners in pursuit of achieving high quality of education. In terms of flagship programs and projects, this institution was in full support to all academic and extracurricular activities as directed in the revitalization of enhancing the access, efficiency and quality of education. Through the leadership and managerial skills of the school principal with the unstinting support of the teaching staff, we can pursue genuine reforms leading to work-life balance, productive thinking, good service reputation and credibility in serving our clienteles.

MES is a “catalyst of change” as it is intensified by the School Head. Change is inevitable but through his proper guidance the change will be from positive to best practices as it benefits the success of the teaching and learning process. It cater our most important client…the LEARNERS…the hope of our country


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